Thursday 3rd June 2010

by admin

It’s raining. The glow of lightning dances on my walls darkened by the clouded night’s sky. Even though all the windows are shut I can still smell the rain permeating the air… or is it just a memory being triggered by my other senses?  Can you smell it’s sweetness?

I watched A Single Man tonight. It’s brilliance aroused and triggered many senses and emotion. I am not a gay man but the experience of loving and losing someone so passionately, so completely,  feels so universal.  Even if you have yet to love you still have a sense, that yearning, that burning for the one still to come.   You can just close your eyes and absolutely feel their soft touch on your lips.  If you are in the middle of loving still, the pure idea of what it would feel like to have them ripped from your life is absolutely gut-wrenching and all consuming. The mere possibility of such an event is almost too much, in and of itself, to bear.  This film managed to transport me through all those feelings, with sprinklings of hope and jus de vie, whether or not it was already my own experience, my own memory… my own bittersweet summer rain.

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