Saturday 20th February 2010

by admin

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 35.  I cried.  I cried because I wanted to pray and I had no one to pray to, or at least I couldn’t figure out who or how to pray and what would be the point.  You see I have lost my God or the perception I had of who and what God is.  I am in the middle of a transition and transformation and the beliefs I was raised with and wholeheartedly, with every stitch of my being, believed in just don’t make sense anymore.  That road can no longer be the path I must travel.  Right now as my tower of faith and all I believed in crumbles I am left in limbo.  My vision is obscured for the moment by the fog of dust left behind yet to settle and I thus far cannot see the other side.  I must learn patience and faith in that the source of which all is created is pure light and pure love, the source of where all of us come from, until my phoenix rises from the ashes once again.

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